Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th

Today was nice, went to my acting class and than went to work.  In a couple of weeks im going to a trainer to get bigger and tighter :D im so excited. This will be the last month to my acting class so that is something went by so fast.  But yesterday was crazy, coming back from work i got caught in traffic, this picture shows how long the line was. It took me an hour to get somewhere and it should have only been 18 minutes Auh LA lol. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17th Night

Hello once again!!! I just finished my acting class and im headed to bed, it was really awesome today, some of these people in this class are just so good i cant even begin to imagine how amazing there going to be when its all over.  My amazing teacher DW never seems to fail when it comes to putting an outfit together this one i can call "I'm going to teacher the kids in Africa" hahahah he's so awesome and he's such a great sport about my craziness lol. But i have allot to do tomorrow so im leaving you with that. Until next time. :P

P.S. Take a look at his shoes one of the students cropped our heads just to get them in hahhah :) he doesnt disappoint! 

August 17th

Good morning everyone :) I am so freaking tired lol ive been working my a$$ off just to be in this crazy city its going to pay off lol it better. went to acting class and my teacher I think thought it was funny to come dress normal, hahahaha. Dont worry his crazy fashion since will be back lolol. But I havent been doing much now, modeling is slow until Jan and I;ve been on casting and doing my classes so im trying to do my best, its not easy. So Until NEXT TIME ;) Missing all my friend and cant wait to see some of them when they get out here  have a great one guys

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th

Its crazy how the months are flying by OMG ITS ALMOST SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! But it seems like so far everything is going well a little bored and just submitting to some casting and we'll see what happens. I went to an Ice Cream store last night :D one that i always go to, and there was a giant ice cream girl hahahahah. Sigh I'm bored hahah and wont to do more but today i have my acting class and we are doing scripts today i memorized mine so im hoping it sticks in this brain :P   I talked FINALLY with my brothers an his girlfriends on skype for the first time, next is my older sister LOL so my nieces dont forget who i am :( but anyway UNTIL NEXT TIME :P