Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3rd

  Today was crazy!! I went to the gym and my trainer right off the back said "Your to small" and i died :( . So he has me eating pasta and rice with 7 eggs and cottage cheese with fruit and thats just at 6am can you believe that OMG!!  I went to this really amazing party with all this crazy awesome food that the Host made (There Cooks)  and I just loved everything.  There where desert to dye for and i couldnt have any of it, sad day SIGH. But my workout plan is getting on schedule and im starting to feel better going to bed at 10-10:30pm and waking up at 6am to workout and eating tons of food so in a few weeks it should be amazing!!!

Look at this amazing Food In heaven.

Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2ND

  How exciting its September!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it.  I'm working out with a trainer and im eating way to much, he wants me to eat until im full than eat more. my poor stomach,  its for gaining musical and having energy to workout, i almost threw up last time i was in the gym. but im looking better and that my motivation!!!!!!!!  I also was going to a friends house and i saw a little red carpet event they where doing it was pretty cool. i was in my car so i dont know what it was for but its so crazy to see them anyway off to the gym :) wish me luck

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29th MOM & DAD BRICKER

  So i have had a great couple of days, hanging out with the family :P they just left this morning and Jens went and had breakfast with them but i had to go work out lol, we went to dinner and we have been going to IHOP which is my favorite place to eat stack tips and eggs YUMM!! I've been keeping busy hang out with friends and working out and working, getting up at 5am to work out at a gym at 6am is no east task lol i need to get us to this. I've met some pretty cool workout buddies and i never liked the gym but this is so nice and different and Eric my trainer Rocks. he lifts so much i think he forgets that everyone cant do 200 pounds and lift it 20 times hahaha but anyway I'm off to bed early morning :)

P.S. this smile was so funny jen and i said something ( which i forget) and he just bursted into laughter and its one of his first good smiles. Recorded forever ;)

Its funny because i found these to pictures of myself when i was just starting to try to model and i couldnt believe it.  I had set up a camera on the ladder, put t on 10 seconds put up a sheet behind me with pins and snapped the pictures. I would be in my room for hours trying to get this done for Ocala Models and Talent back in the day.