Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Septemeber 4th

  Can you believe it everyone, it's almost my birthday again I'll be 24 yr old :D how excited!! This yr has been such a crazy yr, I'm really excited and happy with everything that has gone on and I can't wait to see what else happens.  I work for an amazing company called Quench and we just do such amazing events and have loads of fun.  My friend Roger and Jason came with me and a few other Quenchers to the Pacific Festival in Newport. This place was packed with such a great crowed, people where getting drunk and acting crazy lol that's what you do I guess.  My friend Bo Roberts made a stop by and I talked with him for a little bit he moved from NYC so welcome Bo.  Kelsey (Quench owner) is an amazing persn and does such a great job with everyone, she's fun, young, happy and enjoying life so congrats to you Kels for making your dreams come true :P

Well everyone UNTIL NEXT TIME :P

                     Kelsey Cran living life ;)
           The coolest way to travel
                                          The team

                                       More of the crazy people lol
                     Roger is on the left looking at the computer <that way lol finally got the picture lol