Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16th Time is Flying

  Well we are already almost into the new year how crazy, just a few more weeks and we welcome 2012 :D  People of twitter and facebook please dont go crazy and start a riot lolol.  I'm looking forward to the new year its always nice to start on a good note new place, good job, and amazing friends, minus my car being stolen its been a pretty good year.  My friend Yesina has moved to LA and I'm going to be hanging out with her fro the Holidays so that's pretty sweet, we went shopping and she found the cutest jumper ever lol I made her put it on because she wanted it but she didn't get it.  Its been raining allot in LA ad everyone says it's really weird weather  but they say that all the time lol.  My workouts have been pretty good sorry about not having any pictures lol but i want to look great before i start posting pictures lol.  Anyway I'm off to bed have a great night everyone :P

Until Next Time :D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11th

  So I haven't heard anything back about my car but its only been a few days so I'm not going to stress about it to much.  I went to church today and it was great it's like God was speaking to me, he never gives you something you can't handle and he's always there for you.  I went to the gym before church and met the twins from the Biggest Loser they are awesome so nice they thought they recognized me from somewhere i guess I have that face.

My leaning out process is almost over it ends Wed of next week so I'm happy about that, hopefully I look the way I want to, I feel pretty small because I got so big and know I want to be a little bigger but we'll see what happens when I'm done leaning out.

Until Next Time enjoy they holidays everyone