Friday, July 8, 2011

july 8th

Well it has been another long day in LA, nothing to great happened worked and just really had a relaxing day it was something, I'm looking into getting jobs so we will see what happens. I'm going to hopefully book more jobs so than i can keep my blog fresh and always exciting lolol HAHA but until than have a great night everyone :P

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th: God will test you

Well Hello again everyone, this blog was a little late lol my day started off slow worked out and just hung out at the Apt, but it was really nice during my day I found out that I got a casting that I went to witch was awesome!! I wont tell you what it is because well i want it to be a surprise.  My friend Dom invited me to this party/fashion show last minute and i couldnt wait to go. Got ready jumped into my car and left.  I was only about 10 minutes away when my battery in my car DIED while i was driving n the road ( I was two minutes away from the event) i was at a stop sign and a cop saw me and said "whats the problem?" I let him now and he pushed my car into a drive way.  So i see three guys and went to ask them to jump my car and they asked me if i was going to pay them to jump it, i couldnt believe it. Than someone came up to me and asked me what was wrng i told him than he asked for money, I was floored but i gave him a dollar :P.

  so i called AAA to help me the guy came and he changed the battery it was died no jumping would have kept it alive. Like any great model I made it to the party on time and it was allot of fun. So know the saying is everyone WELCOME TO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day out in LA hahahaha :P

So today was allot more productive than the last three days I've been in LA, I went to a casting call for International Jock and they liked me so I'm crossing my fingers :D. I also hung out with one of my dear friends Dom V and it was allot of fun, we went the movies and watched Pirates such a great movie!!! we went out and had sushi and just really had a good time in each others company, LA is really starting to grow on me and im really liking it. I'll hopefully start getting some work and start shooting more and will get that started but its only been 5 days so ill keep you posted ;)

P.S. Look how small my friend DOM is CRAZY!!! and he loves it

july 6th

Well Good Morning everyone starting thisday off early :D I'm going to be hopefully headed to aents and hearing callbacks for job, cross your fingers.  LA for me is still amazing it sucks that i still have no furniture and im sitting on a toga ball lolol but MAKE IT WORK right!!! it hasnt been busy and i dont expect it to be jumping but sooner than later will get there.  I dont work for the next two days so job hunting knocking on agency doors, alrighty everyone wish me luck!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 17th Before i left

Before i left there was a really awesome going away party that i threw with me and a couple of my really good friends that could make it. We had a great time and im going to miss everyone of them

July 5th

So today I'm going to work witch will be good I only work 3 hours :(!!???? I have never had a shorter shift (I need another job LOL). I'll be looking into getting into an agent and working with photographers coming into the next months, at this point I'm just trying to get settled and getting everything on a schedule.  I'm going to be looking for another job while at the same time looking for an agent, there both very important!! A couple of nights ago before Jen went off to Illinios we went to a really cool party very small but fun, we had PIZZA at 12:00am in the morning and i didnt feel like crap lol. but anyway thanks and ill keep you posted

Monday, July 4, 2011


So i just moved to LA 3 days ago and its going pretty okay, met really nice people and I'm excited for the road ahead.  I'm a little bored i have been left here by myself in my Apt because my roommate is gone on Vacation an my other one has left on a gig. PS Three roommates in 1 bedroom Apt lololol MAKE IT WORK. I work at a job that is getting me no where at the moment and im going to be looking for an agent soon and hopefully i sign with a good one.  The Drive to LA was long and crazy 15 hours to Texas slept at a friends, she ended up driving with us (the person we stayed with) and than 23hours no stopping to LA, longest rosd trip i have ever done.  I dont work until 2pm and its a three hour shift, for the last 2 days I've been putting in applications and im hoping to get a call back from someone.  Before I got to LA i had to spend over 1200.00 dollars to get my car fixed and it was the same problem over again and the person who fixed it put in a bad part (they didnt know i dont blame them lolol) but it sucked and i was pissed!!!! But anyway the road ahead is long and hard and ill keep you updated on evverything i do