Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24th FOX

  Hey Bloggers, how are you? I'm sure your doing great and getting everything you need DONE! lol.  So really awesome, I just finished an event for FOX.  All of the producers, actors, and directors were at this event that had a show on the Fox Network and it was awesome.  Unlike my best friend Jennifer Bricker, I don't get to take allot of pictures with celebs *sad face* but I do get to hang out with them and talk so that's a plus.  The party was beautiful, the view from the Pent House floor was amazing and I was lucky enough to work this event with Quench and get the chance to see these people .

Before we started I saw the red carpet and the people setting it up, it's funny because you never see the crazy before any event when you get there and it's always hectic trying to set things up and learn what you're suppose to be doing. Our team was great and we had tons of fun!


                                       Quench team


                                     The View!