Thursday, July 12, 2012


  I'm back!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day month, year.  Things have been going really well and I'm so happy to tell you all about it :D! I went to the ESPN Awards yesterday and man was it awesome, I mean people everywhere and just tons of football players, sadly I don't watch football so if one of them came up to me i wouldn't have known who they where lol.  There was the red carpet and a band backstage I mean everything was awesome.  I haven't been to an event where I saw well known people get as much free stuff as they did, every room they either got the new X-BOX or a crazy expensive gym bag or face creams, they just go all out at these things.  I got fun pictures while I was there, my body was a white guys for a hot second and it was just a load of fun. Who knows maybe one day I'll see you at one of them ;)

Until Next Time :P

                                                All kinds of cool :)