Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26th

  Hey everyone i hope you're having an amazing Sunday I know I am!!!!! I'm headed to church (Reality LA) if anyone is up for going.  I can't believe this month is about to be over i a few days so crazy,  it fees like I've done sooo much  (I have lol) with working and getting auditions done! I've met some pretty amazing people the last couple of days and a new friend who lived in the same town I did and went to school right next to me (Ocala FL)!!  I've been so excited to finally continue my blog and get it done twice a month I think I can manage that for sure, I look forward to sharing fun and amazing pictures and new places I've been and can't wait guys you ROCK!!!

                                                         Just Because lol HAVE FUN
                                                SEXY PEOPLE