Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10th

  Hello Bloggers, I hope your all doing fantastic!!  So I was going to post what happened today but I thought I might address a different topic about bullying >:/  I was going to do this before but something stopped me and I keep seeing it on my facebook all the time so I thought "well I really should." There's allot of people out there that I read about in the news saying that "everyone gets bullied", "it's fine", and "I was bullied and I'm good," NO YOUR NOT GOOD!!! I couldn't believe I was reading this (this might take awhile).  When I was younger I was bullied BAD, even as young as pre-School, I was probably 6 years old  and when it first started happening. I lived in Jamaica and went to a school out there for a little while and I only had one friend seriously one no one wanted to be my friend because of these three guys, they threw rocks at me and waited for me after school just so they could mess with me.  I never said anything because I worried what would happen and what they would do, but I always just went on with my day after I ran off.

Even when I moved to the US I was still picked on, it didn't stop until I was probably in the 11th grade and even than it happened sometimes.  Kids that had there growth spurts and who where bigger than me even tried bullying me.  It's not a good feeling and I never would have been able to keep up a great face if it wasn't for my friends who where around me and the people I hung out with, even the teachers will be on your side (of course, their the teachers) I just mean they can put a  stop to it  :P  It's only getting worse from what I here my friend at the gym his kid is in Elementary School and he gets picked on for bring his lunch, WHAT!!!! I can't even understand that.  TThey learn at a young age so Stop it at the home, and if its your kid getting bullied well than the school would have to answer to me (parent).

Until Next Time :P

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9th

  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( I'm so said, I went to Church yesterday for Easter Sunday (by the way Happy Easter Sunday) and my camera got stolen :/ it was after church but I don't want to blame anyone but the human in me does lolol.  I took really cool pictures and wanted to show you.  HUH!!  Well

Until Next Time My Friends
                                       Enjoy a picture of me when i was a little guy ;) PS guess which one is me