Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st

  Hey guys and girls, I hope you had an amazing weekend I know I did.  Most of you know I went to Vegas for the first time and it was pretty awesome, I went to the Olympia as the tooth fairy :D (very sexy) lol.  Vegas is pretty awesome when you'r hanging around the right people and this trip I totally was!  Eric (the trainer) Alysha, Alec, Ivan, Josh, James and Jen Ooo and Dan lol where all there having a blast.  The food was awesome and our hotel kicked butt, we went to the pool and looked around the casino but no gambling for me I'm not very bad at it.  The convention was massive and people where just everywhere trying to get into this event, we had a sumo event that Dan threw and some awesome products.  Britenz being one of them (that's way I was the tooth fairy) and its a pretty awesome product to whiten your teeth i really think everyone should grab one :) go to Whole Food :D

We all came back Sunday morning and I have to tell you I like LA much more than I do Vegas lol, Vegas is awesome but I don't know how people live there I give them props :P...   Jens Birthday was today and we had some crazy fun, went to all the bakeries that she liked and grabbed some of her favorite cakes and cupcakes and just laid into them, it's a big deal to us because we live on a diet so it was great to  just have a great day eating.


                                  The Convention: it was pretty epic
                                      This was a fun store we went into yummy treats

                                   I didn't even have any just took the pic and walked away lol

                                                 This is a witches hat and a broom, they tried

This was the elevator we got into, they went all out 

                                                     Breakfast: both where mine :P