Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23rd

  Hello Bloggers and friends :D I hope your doing great this Friday.  I have been really busy with the whole working out and working thing lol.  I am starting to work with the company Quench allot more and they are pretty freaking amazing, Kelsey you're AWESOME!!!  I took a little break a few days ago to hang out with my friend Greg at one of the canyons in LA, BEAUTIFUL place and a great view of LA.  We got to the end of our walk and he had his little dog with him and it almost got eaten by a coyote!  This coyote was probably about a a small room distance away from this dog, Greg looked back and yelled (which freaked the hell out of me lol) and ran to go get the dog. The coyote ran away and his dog didn't even know what had  happened, poor thing.

I also went to a fitness event called IRSHA and had tons of fun handing out KICKBUTT BALLZ, which is awesome they gave me so much energy.  We had spin the wheel and T-Shirts just an awesome event.