Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19th

Hello again everyone, I think I'm about to just fall over with how busy I've been.  Its been some kind of month with working the ESPY's and now going to comic con at the end of the month. I had an amazing audition (at least I think it was) lol, every time I think I do well I don't get it and when I felt like I flop BAM I get it..... weird.  Lately I've been connecting with all of my friends and really bring them in closer to my life, I'm so grateful for them it's crazy how much I love the. I've been so blessed this yr and I think I've always been blessed just sometimes you can't see it because we are so focused on our bank accounts and what we are doing in our career.  I'm happy that things are going well for myself and all of the people I'm hanging around, it's crazy to see how far we've come since 19 yr old me lol.  But guys I can't wait for the next few months, so excited!!! I also am writing and recording songs so I can't wait for you all to hear them.