Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31

  Man I feel like I haven't written anything for this month at all (bad me!) But I have allot to tell you :).. I have been moving and finally got my place looking pretty good :P so I'm excited about that, finished everything with my car and I now have one and I just finished a skit with my friend Sean called 24 Minutes Late lol.  I really hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and the holiday season has been treating you well I've just been running around working and working out and I guess I have lost track of time, seems to be happening to me lately.  My New Years Resolution is to hang out with more friends and start to live life, I've onl been working myself to death so I think I'm going to work hard and have fun :D


Enjoy Be kind lol


Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14th

  Hello again everyone :) so last time i wrote a blog but i felt like I rushed it :'( CRY!!  So I wanted to make another one :D.  I was at work a few days ago and we had an event for Sharapova, I'm a big fan and if you didn't already know she has her own candy line called Sugarpova.  I got to clock out stand in line and get signature on one of her bags of candy! it was fun, shes really nice and crazy tall did i mention i was a fan :D.  My friend David and his son came to the event we had a great time.


                                                         Yes this happened!!!
                                                                      Dominic and I

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11th

  Hello everyone :) this past few weeks have been crazy with trying to get this car stuff fixed and good news to getting the cover of Instinct Magazine for this month :D. I have a new agency and beautiful picture by Brooke Mason who did the cover, things have been going great and I'm very very excited for the new year coming around the corner.  Sorry its been awhile though guys I'll try to be better lol ;)


                                                         Loving it :D so excited for LIFE

Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th

  Its been an amazing week, I have been moving, getting a car and now looking for a better job :D I'm only going up hill from here everyone.  I'm hoping that you'll are doing fantastic, my latest project was shooting for Instinct magazine which comes out December 1st :P it's on their website and the cover is looking pretty good if i do say so myself :P.  Well I'm off


Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22nd

  Hello everyone! No i didn't forget about you :P I've just been moving into my new pace in WEHO, I'm crazy excited to have my own place it so much fun. I finally finished today so I haven't been able to get to my blog but I'm done finally.  I got a car yesterday and that was such a big stress off my back and I'm able to get around with the bus YAY!!!! I finished up my shoot with ____ Magazine so I can't wait for you to see it, should be out next month so look forward to seeing that :P


                                                   You only get one lol ;) but its fantastic

                                                                    You only get one lol :P

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6th

  Well hello everyone, its been awhile.  I have had some kind of week, I went to the airport with my trainer Eric and the ETT Team and pulled a plane for charity.  It was fantastic!! It was my first time ever pulling a plane and we ended up winning, 7.88 seconds the other team got 7.91 second and made second place :D so close right.  After we finished with the plane we went to brunch and Josh (one of the ETT Team) ate like I've never seen someone eat in my life, 5 plates of food gone! It was wow lol.  We also went to the movies and watched "The Man with the Iron Fist," it was a very funny and great movie.  I've also been talking about a magazine I'm going to be on so I can't wait for it to come out, looking forward to the new year and what it has to offer  :D


                                                                          The Plane :D


                                                                        The Trophy :D and me

                                                                     Posing with the gang :)

                                                                   Favorite picture :D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27th

 Hello everyone, I can't believe that it's almost 2013 man how time flies.  I've been shooting some new looks so I'm pretty excited about it and look forward to showing everyone, if all works out you will see me on a cover in 2 months so I;m pretty pumped.   I've been trying to make time for my friends and hang out with them so I went over my friend Alex's house and carved pumpkins :D first time ever and i did a pretty good job if I do say so myself ;) The pictures are on Facebook so if you haven't seen them go right now :D!!  I haven't been able to update this blog like I would like to but 6 days isn't bad right....  Plus you all are following me on twitter so you can see my fun tweets there too  @courtneygrant7


                                                                        Pumpkin Carving !

                                                                      The shoot location for..........................

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18th

  Hey everyone how are you!  Its been a busy couple of weeks and I'm crazy excited to share it with you.  I just finished a great shoot last week with another model her name was Adele! I almost died lol.  I can't tell you what it was for until it comes out but I will let you know when it does, you probably will see it before me.  It was tons of fun and we nailed it!  I also went to Lets Make A Deal and I invited my friend Jennifer B, she dressed up as a fairy and I was a Nerd (NIRD) crazy fun stuff. We met some fun people and made friends with this older couple who where on vacation. Just an amazing 2 weeks.  Jen is doing some great things and is working really hard to do them look out for this one shes on a roll!!!


                                                 From the shoot 

                                                   Model: Adele

                                                                       Nerd and a Fairy

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7th Improv

  Hello again everyone, I don;t go out often and when I do It's not to go to the club or drink, it's always to hang out with really awesome people and being able to remember it the next day (not that theirs anything wrong with drinking) ;).  Eric, Alysia, Ivan, Alec, Josh, Josh J, and a hand full of other people I all got invited to a Comedy Show that our friend Glickman.  I'm telling you he was one of the funniest people I now know, the jocks he had said just made me laugh so freaking hard and he was just awesome. He made fun of everyone which I love because I do that, he even made fun of himself :D you have to start somewhere right lol.

I wasn't suppose to take pictures and I didn't know this until I already had them so i figured the ones I had where fine lol.



                                                         Funniest lady every


Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st

  Hey guys and girls, I hope you had an amazing weekend I know I did.  Most of you know I went to Vegas for the first time and it was pretty awesome, I went to the Olympia as the tooth fairy :D (very sexy) lol.  Vegas is pretty awesome when you'r hanging around the right people and this trip I totally was!  Eric (the trainer) Alysha, Alec, Ivan, Josh, James and Jen Ooo and Dan lol where all there having a blast.  The food was awesome and our hotel kicked butt, we went to the pool and looked around the casino but no gambling for me I'm not very bad at it.  The convention was massive and people where just everywhere trying to get into this event, we had a sumo event that Dan threw and some awesome products.  Britenz being one of them (that's way I was the tooth fairy) and its a pretty awesome product to whiten your teeth i really think everyone should grab one :) go to Whole Food :D

We all came back Sunday morning and I have to tell you I like LA much more than I do Vegas lol, Vegas is awesome but I don't know how people live there I give them props :P...   Jens Birthday was today and we had some crazy fun, went to all the bakeries that she liked and grabbed some of her favorite cakes and cupcakes and just laid into them, it's a big deal to us because we live on a diet so it was great to  just have a great day eating.


                                  The Convention: it was pretty epic
                                      This was a fun store we went into yummy treats

                                   I didn't even have any just took the pic and walked away lol

                                                 This is a witches hat and a broom, they tried

This was the elevator we got into, they went all out 

                                                     Breakfast: both where mine :P

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27

  Hey everyone The past few days have been crazy, I've been working at my job and in my career which can keep anyone busy. This is going to be a little fast but to catch you up on what I'm doing right now.... Drum roll please, I'm going to Vegas!!!! It's my first time going and i think its going to be great.  I'm heading down there with the Eric The Trainer gang and I'm very excited about it. Nothing beats a great road trip with awesome friends :D so I'll have more to tell you when I get back


PS if you watch 90210 its going to be a funny episode im in it ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19th

  Hey Bloggers, its been such a long time lol.  My internet decided not to work so i was out of luck.  I was just going threw my photos and couldn't believe how life has changed and how much has changed in my life, I mean I'm in LA, I have met amazing people, I'm with my good friend Jennifer and I am just enjoying life allot!!  I want to thank everyone who read my blog and being interested because I'm not that interesting lol and just thank you for supporting my career.  I've been doing pretty well in the last year and I can't believe that this year is ending and a new one is coming up, I hope to hear and see everyone in the new year and everything that you have wanted has come true and if it hasn't know that it will.  God has done some amazing things in my life and when I look back at it I'm always thankful and feel really blessed to be in the situation I'm in right now.


                           This was the first time we got to see Jennifer Bricker on TV on your left

                                Eating sushi with my trainer and a ton of other people so much fun

                    The first time I ever went out i only stayed up until 11pm this was the highlight of the night

                                   My friend Dom

                                    Jen and I at a dinner

Dom and I 

The last time I was ever in FL with my friends :')

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

   Hello everyone I've had such an amazing week and weekend, my birthday was a few days ago on the 8th and i just had so much fun!  I went to the beach with my friend Bo Roberts who just moved out here from NYC and we went to Venice beach, got some sun, played volleyball with exchanged students and swam it was a great day.  My friend got me on General Hospital as an extra and I hope to go back soon, it was such a great shoot and we got to meet all the actors from the show, very nice people and it was just great to be around everyone. I'll be going to Central Casting next week (I should have gone long time ago lol) and signing up with them so that will be tons of fun and more work.


                                    Venice Beach

                                    General Hospital :)


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Septemeber 4th

  Can you believe it everyone, it's almost my birthday again I'll be 24 yr old :D how excited!! This yr has been such a crazy yr, I'm really excited and happy with everything that has gone on and I can't wait to see what else happens.  I work for an amazing company called Quench and we just do such amazing events and have loads of fun.  My friend Roger and Jason came with me and a few other Quenchers to the Pacific Festival in Newport. This place was packed with such a great crowed, people where getting drunk and acting crazy lol that's what you do I guess.  My friend Bo Roberts made a stop by and I talked with him for a little bit he moved from NYC so welcome Bo.  Kelsey (Quench owner) is an amazing persn and does such a great job with everyone, she's fun, young, happy and enjoying life so congrats to you Kels for making your dreams come true :P

Well everyone UNTIL NEXT TIME :P

                     Kelsey Cran living life ;)
           The coolest way to travel
                                          The team

                                       More of the crazy people lol
                     Roger is on the left looking at the computer <that way lol finally got the picture lol

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26th

  Hello everyone, I'm hoping everyone is doing great!  There is a storm in FL so I'm hoping that everyone is doing okay, I'll be praying for all of you.  I've been pretty busy on this side of town trying to work, work, work.  I'm working on my body like no other and its coming along and it's great!! Shoots soon!!  My friend Jennifer Bricker has been doing the most these past months getting on HBO, doing interviews and just working so congrats to her big time!!  My friend Melinda just moved to LA and is like the best thing ever, she has clean and helped so much in the house.  Working on getting a car very soon so due time lol I'm saving for it so I'm crossing my fingers next blogs you'll see my car :D so excited I'm just praying it into my life :D


Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17th

 Hello Bloggers, I'm really excited about this month allot going on.  I'm going to be working a Film Festival soon and going on a few casting, I can't tell you which one "sad face" but I can't wait for you to see it well if I get it I'll give you a hint my shirt is off lol ;)...... Sarah my neighbor just moved into a really cute place, her house looks like a kids playhouse with bear toys a kids table but grown up style lol.  I love working at my job because you meet so many cool people, the other day i met a group of kids who just had such an awesome attitude. They all where doing donation work and for free, they where from London, Illinois, and a bunch of place I can't remember lol.  But anyway  I look forward to sharing the rest of this months craziness and hope everyone is doing great :D 


Wonderland for kids 

                                                   New Friends

                                                  hut up i needed it! lol

Thursday, August 9, 2012

April 9th OH SIT!!!!

  Hello again Bloggers, I just got off work and wanted to write my blog before i fall asleep lol.  I just finished getting my hair cut.  A few weeks ago I went to this really cool breakfast party for CW, Quench the company I work for booked me on it and it was a ton of fun.  The title "OH SIT" is a new game show coming out which is so freaking awesome, it's like musical chairs on crack!  You can knock people off into the water push them to get ahead, its like real life HAHAH JK but not really.  We had to dress up like the contestants and hand out drinks for a few hours just an all around fun job thanks Kelsey Crane ;)


                                           At the door

                                        In the room getting ready
                                          Hanging out :D
                                               My friend Jason W at the end in the better outfit lol

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aug 5th

  Hey everyone, I'm going to have to apologize for not having my blog up :( I usually try to have it up in 5 days but my internet wasn't working, but here it is and I'm glad I get to chat :)... I've been working and doing allot of networking with people and with that I've met some great people who are able and willing to help me with my career :D.  I'm very happy with everything and can't wait to show you'll the new shoot I'll be doing very soon so stay toon for that.  Also I went to Oceanside by the Santa Monica Pier which is a beautiful restaurant that looks over the ocean, we had fish, chicken and my friend Xeol had Desert, they tempted him with two little cookies and I was just like euh I'm good lol.

But anyway sorry again guys I'm going to have to get better internet lol and not have this problem again.

                                    Lobby of the Hotel/ Restaurant

                                      We sat outside but it got way to cold so we went inside lol

                                      This chicken was bomb

                                        NO! lol