Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3rd

  Good Day everyone :D and good night I hope everyone is doing amazing like always I'm sure you are :D  Today was pretty awesome, I went to a party for my friend Kelsey who runs Quench (company that hires models for event) and it was a ton of fun, I mean the house that we where at was just amazing, I don't know if she is ready for everyone to know what the party was for (public) so I won't say anything ;) it will be a surprise.  The house we went to was just crazy awesome 5 leaves like crazy went i got to the third I was just like where's the elevator lol.  The view was sooo pretty like every where you looked just took your breath away.  The owner of the house i didn't see but Paris Hilton lived right beside him and when she moved he bought a tiger rug from her lol thought that was cool because i took pictures of it :P

Big plans for the future so I can't wait to share all of them with my friends you all rock so hard :D love yea

UNTIL NEXT TIME   :)   ;)  :P


                               The tall buildings thats downtown

                             YES lol

                                 Paris Hiltons house, how bada**

                            This view is me looking from the roof top :D

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30th

 Amazing!! My trip to Orlando went great and I'm very excited to be back in Cali.  I got to see my family which I haven't seen in forever which was really nice :D  my nieces and nephew are growing up so fast it's crazy.  My family rocks though my sisters drove and hung out with me at the Peabody Hotel and I have to say one of the nicest hotels Ive been in just beautiful.  I had a fantastic time helping with the promotion for KICKBUTT BALLZ and working our booth Eric, Alisha and Jen did a great job and we kicked butt for sure. The food and the set up at the restaurants where amazing and had such a relaxing feel, as it should.  But like all good trips must come to an end but I'm happy to be working out and back in California :D


                                    So pretty :D
                                      BEST THING EVER

                                           ^^^^^^ FAMILY TIME :')

               and the end of the trip SIGH :P