Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16th

  Its been a little while my friends :) I've been busting my but with work and trying to get things set up with my career.  I had a crazy experience a week ago and couldn't believe how it turned out in the end.  I had a casting for ANTM (I didn't get it sad face) but I was told to copy a passport and bring it with me to the casting.  After I finished the casting I realized I left my passport and social at Fedex, CRY!!! I had my credit watched and my passport cancelled and was just about to get another social when one of my favorite photographers and friends  David Vance emails me and said a lady called him and said had very important papers for me and if I could identify them I could have it.  So I call here as soon as I got the email from David and ended up getting my passport and social back.  God is seriously good, I tried not to worry and said everything will work out and it did.  Trying t get comfy in my new place and really make time to do everything, hanging with friends, work, working out, its such a fun thing when you feel busy and life really puts you on edge when you live in LA but whats life without something to push you to d better ;)