Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3rd

  I can't believe how fast the months are going by, I guess that happens when you're busy time just flies.  I've been working on some shows just as back ground but there is never a small part ;)..  I've been meeting some pretty amazing friends and I plan to do some fun stuff in the ext few months and I'm just so happy that most of the plans I've made are coming together, time and hard work always pays off.  I just became SAG eligible  but I'm going to wait to join and do as much work as I can as non union :D Church today was amazing! I always love going and it's very calming and reminds me of what is really important in life and to me.

I look forward to continue sharing everything I have done and the work I plan on doing, it's always great to write to everyone and just keep you updated. ;)


                                               REALITY LA