Saturday, May 12, 2012

Instinct October 2011 Underwear Fashion Shoot

May 12th

  The President is in the house! So Thursday the President of the United States went to George Clooneys house for the dinner I'm sure you heard about that right, :) the cool thing is he had to go threw my neighborhood to get there :D I was very excited to know that and everyone else was as well.  The bad part was that every car on the street was towed and sent away if you knew or not :(  But we waited for him and got to see all of the cars and limos pass. Cops where everywhere keeping everyone back with yellow tap, Sera (neighbor) and I thought someone had died. Plus side I know George Clooney lives probably 30 min away from me which is awesome lol and bad news people had to go get there cars from the tow company :/


                                             Sera and Nadia Neighbor and her Daughter
                                    My Street
                                     This is me on my balcony

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9th

  Hello Bloggers :D i hope everyone is doing great! You all are pretty awesome, thanks for viewing my blog :D I am going to be going threw some awesome changes with my body for this fitness competition and I'm pretty excited about it, egg whites, veggies, and chicken for right now and than lots of awesome new workouts. BodiesByTim he will be helping me threw this process along with EricTheTrainer so I'm pretty wowed to have such an amazing team that want to help me further my career.  I went into It'Sugar today and O man was it awesome, I didn't touch anything because of this workout but man did I want to. The manikins are lined with candy and they have a jellybean Marlin Monroe at the front of the door as you walk in.  Even Hello Kitty makes an appearance at this store lol.

Well I look forward to showing everyone all the hard work that I've been putting into this body and I can't wait until you all get to see it's going to be great!! I'm going to try to set up a shoot and have pictures for a new comp card and I'll be on my way


                                       I could Eat her corset lol Gummy Bears
                                    Look at these ladies, so awesome
                                      HELL-OOOOOO KITTY lol