Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 20th

My good friends its been such a long time, I have been running around so much and going on audition, booking jobs and working.  I just finished going to comic con and got back tonight, I am so tired lol.  Doing some work tomorrow, filming and buy groceries and also going to a party tomorrow it's going to be fun.  I worked an EPSN party a few days ago and got so much stuff it was amazing, workout stuff, games, 5 gum lol it was great famous people get so much free stuff.  Meeting allot of really amazing people and always getting my life on track.  I've been so busy this month so I'm going to apologize for not keeping up with this poor blog lol but I can't wait to continue this month and just have fun this year :D!!  It's going to be amazing, it seems like all my friends are doing amazing and just killin it and I'm so proud of them and everyone I know in my life you all rock.  If you wanna see more of everything go to my facebook and twitter @courtneygrant7