Saturday, July 16, 2011


  Well today was AWESOME!!!!!!!! After work i went to see Harry Potter ( It all end!!!!) and it was amazing everything was really awesome, but i was expecting the ending to be a little more AWESOME but you cant have it all lol. I went to Universal City walk to see it and i really liked it what a great place to be and walk around. Tomorrow is my big shoot in the Desert with Jerris Mogul Madison (photographer) I'm looking forward to it so look out for the pictures. Also International Jock I should be getting to see those pictures on the wedsite soon so im excited about that LOOK OUT HERE I COME!!!!! I cant wait for next year :D :D :D

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th

I am very excited about today!!! I got a call from my agency inTampa and Kira my agent got me a meeting with OTTO Models, i went there yesterday and I kicked butt!!! they loved me and today Kira texted me and said they wanted to get a contract going!!!!!!!!!! AWEEEEE!!! I'm so excited!!! I have an agency in LA. So on Sunday I have a photoshoot in the Desert with is going to be really cool, everything is going to be set up and awesome the photographer (Jerris Mogul Madison) who is amazing will be doing and getting everything done so look forward to seeing the shoot everyone. Well I'm off to bed, NIT NIT ;)

July 14th

Hello everyone, AUH i almost didnt make it lol its 12:52 hahahha but anyway today was great i went to OTTO Models and they really liked me they are going to submit me to a couple of casting and there really big job witch I hope i get them :D wish me luck.  I also went to the mall and stuffed my face with my BEST FRIEND JEN and that was fun, we hung out with our friends at the Apt. I am really having a great time in LA. I wont lie its hard and  traffic sucks, i went to OTTO Models and it took me two hours to get back and it was only an hour away crazy right lol but anyway im just chatting now HAHAHAH so ill TTYL, have a great night see you soon ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13th

   So today was a great day, I went to Ford Models and tried to get in with them and there where a ton of models there CRAZY!!!! NERVOUS!!!!! It was a hick just to get there and it almost took me and hour and it was only 20 minutes away AUH LA traffic for yea lol. Afterwards met up with Melinda and Roger and my best friend Jen we all went to go see Priest ( not that great LOLOL). So I'll hopefully get a call back from Ford Models on Friday wish me luck. Until next time guys :P

   P.S. The view from Ford is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th

Hey everyone late night :D well I'm off to bed, nothing to razy happened today thank God but it was nice to rela for once :P  I'll be going on the hunt for agencies and another job, I put in a few applications so wish me luck ;)  I went and picked jen up from the airport and the drive was horrible, I mean i know traffic is bad but when your 15mins away from an airport and it takes 35min auh kind of sucks lol but im always happy to help. Until next time!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th: International Jock

  So today my gig was with International Jock, it went awesome I cant wait to see the pictures. I was wearing some crazy underwear and awesome pants some really comfortable others not so much lolol, I was working with John (photographer) for International Jock. another model was there really cool guy, I'm looking forward to posting the pictures and showing you'll the site, CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

Also hung out with my friend Roger and Melinda after the shoot, it was really great seeing Melinda. Than I had dinner with a friend, Cali is really awesome I'm looking forward for the rest of this your to fold out :D :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10th

 Today I went out to see my car and what had happened, my car was fine but the poll that almost smashed the side of my car wasnt so lucky lol. The poll was about two feet away from hitting my car and causing some real damage, God is looking out :D

Its crazy because when i went out last night to see everything it didnt look this close but it was dark and i was only looking to see if there where marks on my car FEWW!!!

July 9th

Well I suck at doing this Blog lol i cant seem to get the pictures the way I would like them auh whatever. but anyway I hope all is well with everyone, these are the pictures that me and my friend Dom did at the party, it was amazing i had so much fun :D  Today was a great day i worked and went out with my friend Roger nd played tennis (he lost lol 6-2) He was talking smake and than got bet down hahahahaha, I told him we should hae put something on it than he would have had to get me sushi :P  I'm really enjoying everything so far in LA i have never had such a great experiance and its only going to get better. O and after dinner we went back to my place to watch a movie and when we got there i couldnt believe it there was a crash it was to dark to take picture on my phone but my car was a foot away from being hit i was so lucky, i dont know what it is with people and my car lol God is on my side with this one ;) have a good night everyone sleep tight
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