Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 11th DARLING ;)

So Same old thing today :D but im getting everything in order for net year, everything doesnt really start to happen until January but i will be sent on casting here and there this year and hopefully more cross fingers. I went to acting class today and one of my favorite things in that class is the teacher, he is funny and just comes up with the most craziest sayings and acts.  One of the things i cant get over is his amazing since of fashion, I should have been doing this (taking pictures) from the beginning of class but i didnt lol so where starting NOW!!! And heres the first of many ;)

August 10th

  Good Morning Everyone :D its hard keeping up with a Blog and your life lolol, but its fun ;) i dont have any wild storys or crazy stuff today but im just working and trying to get out there, taking my acting class and really pushing myself to do well. I am know in the stage of my class where we are learning scripts so im very excited, its going to be hard but fun, wish me luck. Until next time :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th

  Well today and yesterday where pretty amazing, I went to the Cemetary where they have these Old Time Movies playing and it was crazy full, everyone and there mom where there i went with a good friend ;) and it was awesome he introduced me to allot of his friends and the movie was so romantic (tear).  We had a picnic laid out and just an awesome time together.

Today was a blast I missed church which i wasnt happy about because i had to work, but after work I wet and saw Hairspray at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL!!!!!!! Me and my friend went and i had one of the most amazing times!!! The cast couldn't have been better and it was crazy to see everyone and all of the amazing performances i was in AUH the whole time, its better than the movie by far :D but anyway until next time :P