Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5th

  O man its has been such a long time, getting busy is a really good thing but sometimes I can't get the things done that I need done.  I've been working hard to get my career on track and to get my SAG card and guess what!!!!!!!!????? I'm going to be SAG on MONDAY!! I went to a comedy show with my friend Eddie and man were they funny, some of them were really bad but everyone still clapped lol.  I needed a roommate a few weeks ago and finally found an amazing one, here name is Aqua and she is amazing.  We worked on some sets together and figured we would be perfect to move in because we just clicked :D.  Couple of days ago met some really amazing people while I was working on Californication such a short day but amazing none the less.   There is one set up of a bunch of pictures from the event me and Jen Bricker had gone to meeting celebs and hanging out with our amazing parents :P


                                              Really amazing people
                                                Killing it with JEN
                                                  Comedy Show