Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31st IS OVER

  This month has past so quickly and I'm still in LA hahahah thank God.  I have to remind myself how pretty LA is when I go out into all the beautiful place and see all the amazing houses in Beverly Hills.  I wish I lived there, I had a casting call and it lead me up this street and the houses where amazing!!  It was like I took pictures of the ugly ones because every time i past another one it was so much better.  I also went down one of the streets and parted for a few hours just to hang out because I wasn't doing anything and there was a lady just reading her newspaper but what she was wearing it was pretty awesome she looked like a painting. Flowers, fish the size of my arm, man LA has allot to look at and I don't even get out to see all of it, we're going to have to change that ;)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28th

  Hello everyone I'm back :D lol, I'm leaning out for the 5th time lol and it's been going really great, trying to get to the leave you want is allot harder than I would have guest.  I mean I have done this before but it never takes away from the fact that eating nothing sucks lol.  Going to be doing my taxes this afternoon and than going to work, finally getting that done so late though :/

April is coming up so I'm pretty excited for it because I'm going to be in Orlando at the end of the month (April) I get to see my family and I'm very excited for it.  Working with Eric The Trainer at our booth so looking forward to it.  I'm also excited for how my body has been changing since I got into this industry, I went from 150lbs to 160lbs all the way to 208lbs, INSANE!!! The next change is going to be amazing


Until Next Time ;)