Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18th Transformers

    Today was so awesome, after I finished my workout I went home and ate a ton of food :D didn't have to work today so just sat around and watched movies.  I also went to Universal in the afternoon for the new Transformers Ride which is going to blow your freaking mind!!! It was awesome what an amazing ride, one of the coolest rides I've been on :D  We took pictures ate really awesome food and had ice cream.  I went with Jen and we didn't stay long only a few hours but man was it awesome.  Orlando is coming up soon so I'm really excited to go :D YES!!! I'll get to see my sisters and hang out with them for a few hours in the day it will be tons of fun ;)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15th 100 POSTS

   YEAH!!! 100 POST how fun :D hows everyone I'm hoping awesome!!  So great news my camera was not stolen, my friend Roger found it under his seat :D i don't think his face has ever been shown on my blog lol the last time i took a picture of him he covered his mouth ad he was wearing a hat, and this time it's the back of his head SMH....  But since I've found my camera I got my pictures back so I'm happy.  But still everything is going okay, I'm slowing down on the modeling to take a different career path but I know everyone has seen this with my body and me getting bigger, don't worry it's all for the better :P  For the next few months I'll be learning about fitness and trying to get more involved in this business.

But UNTIL NEXT TIME ;) wanting you to know about my life and keep you on track wouldn't want you in the dark.  Big Hugs XD

                             She loves pink, it didnt show up like i wanted but im keeping it lol
                                 Worst Drive Ever, I dislike the 405
                                     ROGER... The back of his head lol