Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27th

  Well I cant believe the time i have to wake up, 5 in the morning to get my workout in. I know have to try to go to bed by 10:30pm witch makes since because im up all day lol. I cant believe it though with this workout and going to the gym im going to be so big the trainer is going to change my body so much, I'll have another before and after picture :P

On another note, to all my friends in NYC please be safe and careful with everything thats going on the times are changing God dont play. but anyway have a great one everyone Until next time!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26th Instinct

 Can you believe how fast this month went by OMG!! I was looking back and i thought "man I just moved out here."  well I had a shoot for Instinct Magazine yesterday which was AMAZING!! I am so excited to see all of the pictures. The issue I will be in is October so look out for it ;). I'm up so early because i have to workout with my trainer Eric he is something else we do weight workouts and sometimes there only warm ups and im looking at him like im crazy because it just get harder lol im going to look crazy awesome. Speaking of looking good, one of the models I shot with was thin and really cut and when he took pictures he was jacked and looked like he could break your neck I couldnt believe it, talk about adding ten pounds SIGH ill get there. anyway Until Next time 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th

This is the last picture of DW :P I approve this outfit hahahahah. Today was a hard day LA no lie is really hard, I am looking for a job on top of the one i already have almost impossible but im sure i can do it :D
                                                          BEFORE: This guy i met him at the gym and he was a really awesome guy. He was with Arnold. S. back in the day when he did Bodybuilding and man was he ripped in the pictures i saw.

                                                                AFTER: And know he is a nice and caring older guy who knows my trainer Eric :D I'm sure he still trains people, but in the top picture he was in his late 40's early 50's impressive i thought and he is now 72-73 years old amazing right!!!!! WELL UNTIL NEXT TIME ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd

 So im about to go to a trainer today because for LA my body needs to be in better shape hahah, but seriously i have to go to a trainer.  Jen is off to go have a job interview which is going to be a big stress relief of of her so im crossing fingers and toes and praying for her. speaking of in shape, I was driving threw LA and ran into this billboard and had to take a picture.  This guy looks like the normal run of the day guys and booked this job and here i am having to get more toned and cut up to compete with this SIGH this is my competition :( well i guess bring it on hhhahhaahaha. Well any how i have to go Until Next Time ;) 

P.S. This is the cutest baby ever!!! I went to church on sunday and we went and had lunch at this Chinese place and it was awesome!!!!! i love my church there awesome. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21st Church Reverb

So I'm at church!!! Reverb! With jen and I can get on my blog on my phone sort of :D so that's exciting. They put out Donuts :( and I had 1/2 Donuts I might make it to not sure yet hahhahaha ill be able to write threw out the day so ill see if I can :). Jens parents are coming on Tuesday so I'm so excited!!!!