Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30th Dodgers

  Hello bloggers, it was a great day yesterday for a Dodgers Game!  Jen and I went Downtown to watch the game with Eric, Ivan, Alic, Alysia, Susan, and Henry.  I mean this was such an unbelievable experience, we were at suit 223 with food, desert carts, drinks I mean everything was amazing. It was my first game so it was an amazing way to watch for the first time.  It's really great having the friends I have, they're all pretty amazing people and I'm thankful for them. The Dodgers if you didn't see the game lost 9-0 when I left, they were so pumped up by everyone when they were talked about I thought they would win but sadly no.

O I almost forgot, Henry did  a dance and got me and him on the Jumbo Tron :D IT WAS AWESOME!!!! You can't beat that :)


                                       Our suit entrance
                                    me freaked out because im in the sun, but i have our tickets :D

                                    From the Suit

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th

  Hello again Bloggers, this posts early but I could wait another day to tell you what I just finished doing.  Yesterday after I got off work I decided to go and feed the homeless with this group called Monday Night Mission, they have been feeding the homeless for a few months and started only with three people! I was really shocked because they only had bread, water and a hand full of stuff.  Skid Row is where we went and I couldn't believe how the roads changed from being busy with cars and bright lights everywhere and than nothing, dark depressing roads, people lying on the ground with tents and shopping carts, drugged out and drunk.  I couldn't believe it.  Mel is the person who started this whole mission and the homeless respect him and love that we come out and help them.

Monday Night Mission goes out every night and gives these people food, clothes and water to drink.  Before I forget Dominoes Pizza gave 80 boxes of pizza so we could serve to the homeless, this group will grow and I am so happy to e apart of it :') thanks to everyone who gave, helped and tagged along. If you want to know more about this group here's a link you can follow to find out more :)

                                        The Group
                                          Some of the people who helped

Jen and Alicia