Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12th

 So it's been some kind of week, I've been work nonstop and this is my first day off! Thank God.  I'm really excited because everything for this year seems to be lining up and even though I'm really tired I'm having an amazing time with every job.  I went to an event (worked an event) with #QuenchLA for kimora and I was so excited to meet her! It was for her shoe line and a bunch of bloggers (I was the blogger who snuck in lol) we're there. 

After that I ran to another event for Nickelodeon handling the teenage mutant ninja turtles, ran into a few people I've worked with before and had a blast. Right after I finished working I than went and took pictures in Long Beach for #donewithyou The Breakup Squad, tomorrow more work and not enough time to sleep but it's amazing, I can actually fit auditions in all this and the gym thank God, he is good you know.  Well


O man I almost forgot to tell you, I was in a show called Love That Girl go check it out!!!!