Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11st

  Craziest thing happened to me, I was looking online and i was talking about how i wanted to get pictures of my dad because i dont have any. My Ex took pictures with his came of my dad and other picture that he had on his laptop computer but i didnt have them, went to a picture of mine on google and on of the pictures popped up before i new it i had a few old pictures that i thought i lost :') made me pretty happy to have them. :D

                       My dad is the one in the picture when he was younger and thats him in the blue shirt.
I found this picture as well the smallest one is me and the kid in the blue well thats my older brother
                My dad again :D
                      And this is my dad as well, when i was a kid i always looked at this picture and thought how great my dad looked and wanted to be like.   Rest in peace Dad   :')

January 11st

    How great the weather in LA is so beautiful I'm loving it.  My workout today with Eric The Trainer went awesome.  Getting your body in the perfect condition is allot harder than I thought it would be and tons of food to do it the right way.  I've been leaning out now for the past week and it's looking great, I can't wait to see the end result.  I have a photo shoot lined  up for this week with David Daigle so hears to a new year and a great future.

Until Next Time ;)