Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th

  Today was crazy, I had to get up at 7:00am to work out and eat and get ready for work witch is just nt the most fun thing to do but i know i have a job so that keeps me going :D  I went to a casting call for another underwear company and it went awesome well i think anyway, the lady that took the pictures liked me so that was exciting to here. Its weird because I've been getting complaints abut my body and that always makes me worry because than i start doing more working out but everyone has something there looking for.  I went to my Acting Class that keeps getting harder everyday because they want you to get the really out of you, Yelling, being upset, ext.... And thats not easy to do well its not as easy to do and when your partner looks like the cutiest little thing ever I dont want to yell at her hahaahahaha.

P.S this is what my body looks like and they complain, and this is with a camera in the bathroom, I'm not a bodybuilder lol but i think its good :P plus i workout at home as well NO WEIGHTS

Tomorrow im meeting with OTTO Models to sign a contract AUHHHH FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! im excited about that and than working with TOM CULLIS, Who is an amazing photographer and is really going to get me to that next step so wish me luck.  Until next time everyone ;)


  1. hey sweetie things are really looking good for you and always keep your head up high don't worry about what others think of you they are just plain Jealious by you, thats why they makes those comments because they want to look like you I;m happy for ya keep living you dream way to go you rock

  2. I can't imagine you are getting complaints about your body--you look pretty perfect to me :) What a gorgeous man you are, all around.