Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 9th

Well I suck at doing this Blog lol i cant seem to get the pictures the way I would like them auh whatever. but anyway I hope all is well with everyone, these are the pictures that me and my friend Dom did at the party, it was amazing i had so much fun :D  Today was a great day i worked and went out with my friend Roger nd played tennis (he lost lol 6-2) He was talking smake and than got bet down hahahahaha, I told him we should hae put something on it than he would have had to get me sushi :P  I'm really enjoying everything so far in LA i have never had such a great experiance and its only going to get better. O and after dinner we went back to my place to watch a movie and when we got there i couldnt believe it there was a crash it was to dark to take picture on my phone but my car was a foot away from being hit i was so lucky, i dont know what it is with people and my car lol God is on my side with this one ;) have a good night everyone sleep tight
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