Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th

I'm really excited my friend Yesenia is moving in with me in Jan IM SO EXCITED SHES AMAZING!!!! I'm leaning out and im on my second day Tomorrow is my 3rd im pumped so i cant wait to reveal he new me very soon. Ill be doing a shoot with a great photographer.  I went to church today at Reverb and it was Great as always nothing but amazing people one of our church family (Billy) had this addiction to weed and just had a big problem and went to a church rehab and got better he looks way better and is doing great his family is so hapy for him and that he got better :D Afterwards we went to our pastors new house that they just moved into today and had a celebration dinner for him it was great.  Things can change when you want them to and you ask for it :D


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