Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th

  Well today and yesterday where pretty amazing, I went to the Cemetary where they have these Old Time Movies playing and it was crazy full, everyone and there mom where there i went with a good friend ;) and it was awesome he introduced me to allot of his friends and the movie was so romantic (tear).  We had a picnic laid out and just an awesome time together.

Today was a blast I missed church which i wasnt happy about because i had to work, but after work I wet and saw Hairspray at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL!!!!!!! Me and my friend went and i had one of the most amazing times!!! The cast couldn't have been better and it was crazy to see everyone and all of the amazing performances i was in AUH the whole time, its better than the movie by far :D but anyway until next time :P

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