Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11st

  Craziest thing happened to me, I was looking online and i was talking about how i wanted to get pictures of my dad because i dont have any. My Ex took pictures with his came of my dad and other picture that he had on his laptop computer but i didnt have them, went to a picture of mine on google and on of the pictures popped up before i new it i had a few old pictures that i thought i lost :') made me pretty happy to have them. :D

                       My dad is the one in the picture when he was younger and thats him in the blue shirt.
I found this picture as well the smallest one is me and the kid in the blue well thats my older brother
                My dad again :D
                      And this is my dad as well, when i was a kid i always looked at this picture and thought how great my dad looked and wanted to be like.   Rest in peace Dad   :')

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