Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15th 100 POSTS

   YEAH!!! 100 POST how fun :D hows everyone I'm hoping awesome!!  So great news my camera was not stolen, my friend Roger found it under his seat :D i don't think his face has ever been shown on my blog lol the last time i took a picture of him he covered his mouth ad he was wearing a hat, and this time it's the back of his head SMH....  But since I've found my camera I got my pictures back so I'm happy.  But still everything is going okay, I'm slowing down on the modeling to take a different career path but I know everyone has seen this with my body and me getting bigger, don't worry it's all for the better :P  For the next few months I'll be learning about fitness and trying to get more involved in this business.

But UNTIL NEXT TIME ;) wanting you to know about my life and keep you on track wouldn't want you in the dark.  Big Hugs XD

                             She loves pink, it didnt show up like i wanted but im keeping it lol
                                 Worst Drive Ever, I dislike the 405
                                     ROGER... The back of his head lol

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