Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30th Dodgers

  Hello bloggers, it was a great day yesterday for a Dodgers Game!  Jen and I went Downtown to watch the game with Eric, Ivan, Alic, Alysia, Susan, and Henry.  I mean this was such an unbelievable experience, we were at suit 223 with food, desert carts, drinks I mean everything was amazing. It was my first game so it was an amazing way to watch for the first time.  It's really great having the friends I have, they're all pretty amazing people and I'm thankful for them. The Dodgers if you didn't see the game lost 9-0 when I left, they were so pumped up by everyone when they were talked about I thought they would win but sadly no.

O I almost forgot, Henry did  a dance and got me and him on the Jumbo Tron :D IT WAS AWESOME!!!! You can't beat that :)


                                       Our suit entrance
                                    me freaked out because im in the sun, but i have our tickets :D

                                    From the Suit

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