Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21st

  Man I think time just decides to speed up when it wants to lol. How are you everyone? hope your having a great one, I have been working and trying to keep myself healthy lol I got sick and the doctors are keeping me on my toes because they haven't called me, but you know what they say if you don't get a call its good ahahahah.  I wanted to take the time to speak about the people who where killed and injured at the movies trying to watch Batman, I don't know what kind of person would do something so crazy and sick but it seems like they pop up everywhere.  My trainer told me one of the people that had been in columbine was there and died in this one :'( it's really sad to hear about it.  I wanted to take the time out to pray and just be thankful without asking for anything just thanking and hoping everything get better :')

On a happier note I'm wishing everyone a great day and thank you all for stopping by you're amazing you know it I know it :) and I am thank for all of you.

Keep in touch UNTIL NEXT TIME

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