Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th: God will test you

Well Hello again everyone, this blog was a little late lol my day started off slow worked out and just hung out at the Apt, but it was really nice during my day I found out that I got a casting that I went to witch was awesome!! I wont tell you what it is because well i want it to be a surprise.  My friend Dom invited me to this party/fashion show last minute and i couldnt wait to go. Got ready jumped into my car and left.  I was only about 10 minutes away when my battery in my car DIED while i was driving n the road ( I was two minutes away from the event) i was at a stop sign and a cop saw me and said "whats the problem?" I let him now and he pushed my car into a drive way.  So i see three guys and went to ask them to jump my car and they asked me if i was going to pay them to jump it, i couldnt believe it. Than someone came up to me and asked me what was wrng i told him than he asked for money, I was floored but i gave him a dollar :P.

  so i called AAA to help me the guy came and he changed the battery it was died no jumping would have kept it alive. Like any great model I made it to the party on time and it was allot of fun. So know the saying is everyone WELCOME TO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next time.

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