Monday, July 4, 2011


So i just moved to LA 3 days ago and its going pretty okay, met really nice people and I'm excited for the road ahead.  I'm a little bored i have been left here by myself in my Apt because my roommate is gone on Vacation an my other one has left on a gig. PS Three roommates in 1 bedroom Apt lololol MAKE IT WORK. I work at a job that is getting me no where at the moment and im going to be looking for an agent soon and hopefully i sign with a good one.  The Drive to LA was long and crazy 15 hours to Texas slept at a friends, she ended up driving with us (the person we stayed with) and than 23hours no stopping to LA, longest rosd trip i have ever done.  I dont work until 2pm and its a three hour shift, for the last 2 days I've been putting in applications and im hoping to get a call back from someone.  Before I got to LA i had to spend over 1200.00 dollars to get my car fixed and it was the same problem over again and the person who fixed it put in a bad part (they didnt know i dont blame them lolol) but it sucked and i was pissed!!!! But anyway the road ahead is long and hard and ill keep you updated on evverything i do

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