Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd

 So im about to go to a trainer today because for LA my body needs to be in better shape hahah, but seriously i have to go to a trainer.  Jen is off to go have a job interview which is going to be a big stress relief of of her so im crossing fingers and toes and praying for her. speaking of in shape, I was driving threw LA and ran into this billboard and had to take a picture.  This guy looks like the normal run of the day guys and booked this job and here i am having to get more toned and cut up to compete with this SIGH this is my competition :( well i guess bring it on hhhahhaahaha. Well any how i have to go Until Next Time ;) 

P.S. This is the cutest baby ever!!! I went to church on sunday and we went and had lunch at this Chinese place and it was awesome!!!!! i love my church there awesome. 

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