Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th

  Its crazy how time flies, it was just July and now its August. My B-Day is right around the corner!!! Well today was allot of fun i went to work at Universal City Walk and just going there is crazy so much to do and its really close.  I had a casting today and i think that went well my acting classes are really breaking me out of my shell if thats to hard to believe but for some reason i get stuck when i go so im feeling better about them.  The other day i had do go get things done for my face and it was in Beverly Hills and let me tell you the place is crazy, night and day from where I live you have so many big houses and its amazing!!!! Palm Trees everywhere thats how you know you have reached a fancy little area hahahahahhahaha. My acting partner came to my house and we did a few runs and it was good she is a great girl and we bith are growning allot i cant wait to see how far we come in the next few MONTHS!!! well until next time ;)

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