Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th

  Its been way to long!! I'm pretty pissed because i tried to get my blog done but couldn't because i lost internet for 2 days in my building, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!! AUH. But its cool i have it back thank God.  I got a new job so this makes 2, catering for a company called BOYZ IN THE KITCHEN, its awesome i really like it the people are awesome my boss kicks but and it seems really easy so far lol.  Yesterday i went and Catered for E!  so awesome there where o many people and  I bumped into someone famous but i didnt know who they where lol but i dont know allot of them in person they look so different.

I woke up one morning and i had another face growing out of my face it was intense, I had to work that same day to so it wasnt a great thing to look at lol. But anyway Until Next Time :P

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