Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23rd BOO

  Man today is a crazy day working and trying to eat as much food as possible so stressful.  I've been gaining weight and I've gained about 25 pounds and i look like a bear :( im not excited about that.  Oct 5th is when i start leaning out and im excited and i cant wait.  I havent been the best me lately, ive been depressed and i have been sleeping all day and i cant even have fun because i cant breath so once i get ll of this weight leaned out ill be better.

On another note, my friend Caroline (neighbor) has a friend who went to a haunted house with a group, they where taking pictures and kept seeing a white flash in the camera and a ghost.  This happened in none of the other pictures she took after the house and i thought it was crazy awesome.  The man is by the tree D: so freaking crazy.  WELL UNTIL NEXT TIME :P

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  1. Lol OMG a haunted house? A ghost? Are you serious lol..