Thursday, August 9, 2012

April 9th OH SIT!!!!

  Hello again Bloggers, I just got off work and wanted to write my blog before i fall asleep lol.  I just finished getting my hair cut.  A few weeks ago I went to this really cool breakfast party for CW, Quench the company I work for booked me on it and it was a ton of fun.  The title "OH SIT" is a new game show coming out which is so freaking awesome, it's like musical chairs on crack!  You can knock people off into the water push them to get ahead, its like real life HAHAH JK but not really.  We had to dress up like the contestants and hand out drinks for a few hours just an all around fun job thanks Kelsey Crane ;)


                                           At the door

                                        In the room getting ready
                                          Hanging out :D
                                               My friend Jason W at the end in the better outfit lol

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