Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aug 5th

  Hey everyone, I'm going to have to apologize for not having my blog up :( I usually try to have it up in 5 days but my internet wasn't working, but here it is and I'm glad I get to chat :)... I've been working and doing allot of networking with people and with that I've met some great people who are able and willing to help me with my career :D.  I'm very happy with everything and can't wait to show you'll the new shoot I'll be doing very soon so stay toon for that.  Also I went to Oceanside by the Santa Monica Pier which is a beautiful restaurant that looks over the ocean, we had fish, chicken and my friend Xeol had Desert, they tempted him with two little cookies and I was just like euh I'm good lol.

But anyway sorry again guys I'm going to have to get better internet lol and not have this problem again.

                                    Lobby of the Hotel/ Restaurant

                                      We sat outside but it got way to cold so we went inside lol

                                      This chicken was bomb

                                        NO! lol

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