Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11th

  It has been some kind of amazing couple of weeks, I've been really busy and just making such an amazing change in my life.  Trying to get career stuff into motion and meeting some great people to do so.  I just finished this amazing event with my amazing friend Jennifer Bricker and loved every moment of it, her parents (my parents lol) from IL they got flown down and met us at Jens place.  The event was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and it couldn't have been better.  I met one of the stars from The Big Bang Theory and got a picture with her sooo freaking cute it was amazing.  Jennifer was given an award and so were her parents (for being amazing parents) and Jen for doing the amazing things shes done with her life and just how inspiring she is.  I recap on life sometimes just to see how far I've come and where I came from and it makes me smile every time i think about it.  I have such an amazing team of people on my side wanting me to do great things with my life and I just love every moment of it.

 I seriously have God to thank, the past couple of months have been amazing and I just haven't worried about anything and I've just been really happy. You can't bet that!!  I really love life right know and its only going to get better



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