Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29th

  Hello beautiful people is been some kind of month, I have been working and just killing it!!  I worked this comic book convention and it was freaking amazing!  I'm a really big fan of anime and to see everyone dressed up and rocking their outfits was just amazing.  If you're up to date on it, people dressed up as cartoons from Adventure Time, Little Mermaid and so much more.  I love when people get to do this stuff and just be themselves, it's so much fun.  I can't wait until  work picks up more and meet more awesome people it's such an amazing thing when you get to work and have fun, LIFE IS GREAT GUYS!!

O, P.S.  There is a new movie coming out called The Conjuring, its a scary movie coming out on JULY 19th, go watch it love it and BEEEE frightened MUHAHAHH


                                                  LOVE THIS SHOW


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