Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9th

  Hey everyone :) its that time, BLOG TIME lol.  It's so crazy how fast these months are running from us, this year seems to want to end just as fast as 2013.  So much great things are happening and I'm so excited about it, my manager is on her game and really focused on getting me great auditions, working for an amazing event right now called The Breakup Squad and really focusing on the next leave of my career. I sometimes get distracted with relationship craziness but I'm trying to refocus and work even harder.  I been meeting some amazing people on set and having so much fun loving everything I do I can't complain.  I got a new tattoo which I love :) allot of thought went into it unlike the first one I got lol (so young).

You guys drive me so I;m really focus and happy everyone is always keeping up with my blog (because you dont have to lol) and I'm hopefully going to be working allot more on shows and commercial work.  I did do a super bowl commercial and they didn't air it because it didn't get finished (heart sank into stomach), but such is life and on to the next one :D I hope you all are getting everything you can out of this year (it just started) and working as hard as I know you can.

P.S.  Picture of me when I was younger, I'm the taller one winning because I have a longer reach lolol.


                                                             NEW FRIENDS!!!

                                                 New Tattoo, Loving it
                                                    Little me and my younger bro

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