Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31st

Okay everyone crazy crazy days!!! I went to an agency yesterday because my agent in Tampa wanted me to witch isnt bad but i wanted to sign with the one i went to already, I'm a very crazy model when it comes to time and being late, in my acting class they say, "Here are the step of being late" 1. When your early your on time 2. When your on time your late 3. And when your late your fired, and i agree lolol. So i got to this agency at 3:00pm and i wasnt suppose to be there until 3:30pm the only person who spoke to me was the girl up front and 8 people just walked past me like i wasnt even there :/ so when i finally saw the person i went to for the interview it was 4:10pm lol. And he picked me apart I have to go get a facial for my skin and make sure i look perfect.he said "Black people have to have amazing skin and theres nothing around that your skin must be perfect." In my head i thought "So white people can have bad skin" hahahahahah but I went to a great church today called Reverb witch is an amazing place YOU SHOULD LOOK IT UP EVERYONE!!!!!  The pastor is a young guy from a small town and his story kicks but!! But anyway I'll leave it at that :P Until next time :D

I almost forgot Cheaza, the star of the Vegas review the Girlie Show is a fan of me :D Tom Cullis (photogrpaher) said she fell in love she doesnt know I'm 5'11 and she is like 6'1 in heals hahahaha but i can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!! 

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