Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26th

  Man what a year, it went by pretty fast didn't it.  I moved to LA couldn't believe I was out here and now next year is already popping up.  My job (Abercrombie) wanted me to help ut another store in Glendale and i had no problem wit that more work for me :) so I went and man was it crazy, never have i seen so many crazy customers trying to get something last minute for Christmas and returning things as well.  The store at the end of the day was a nightmare and I just thought to myself everyone needs to work in retail to have more respect for it lol but tat will never happen but its a thought.  Christmas was a bore, I didn't do anything but watch Television and eat lol but than again thats what people do anyway lol so i guess it wasnt so bad

But Until Next Time ;)

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