Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21st The Hudson Block Party

  Hello Bloggers, I hope everyone is doing pretty alright I know I am.  A lot has happened in a short time :D I've been working out like crazy ( no surprise) lol and getting ready for my fitness competition and I hope to see you all there at Muscle Beach on the 28th :D it's going to be great!  I went on a gig for Quench the company I work with for the Hudson Block Party, so many people it was insane. All I had to do all night was get ice and get Miller Light and I have never seen so many people drink that much beer in my life lol.  There was a live band and great food being served, cooked and everyone enjoyed it.

On another note :P after I got done with the gym yesterday I was headed home and someone decided to Tepee someones car lolol haha now if it was me I would be mad but it wasn't, it's a lucky thing it didn't rain or that wouldn't have been fun to clean.


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