Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26th Fashion Show

  Good Morning everyone, I hope everyone is doing as good as they would like to be. I have so many pictures to show you from this show :) My friend Jennifer Bricker was my Plus One and man was this one of the best nights I have ever had in LA.  I had a fashion show in Costa Mesa CA for the Friends Of Dorothy, heels where everywhere and the food was amazing well the smell was considering i couldn't have any lol.  Cupcakes and Cakes where the talk of the show (before the show started of course) and than around pm we hit the stage, you should have been there we had six designers and four changes for each one of them talk about out of control.  The second you got f the runway you had to run down stairs take of your clothes and put on the next outfit and run back to the runway and look amazing (and not out of breath) lol.

The end of the show was underwear and the was pretty amazing when i went out there the last time a lady who had one of the cupcake booths gave me two of the pages, I didn't know she was going to do this and i started laughing and could help it and lost my "face" lol the crowed went crazy and clapped. I was so happy that I was doing the show and I was just beaming, we all went out and did the final run to introduce the designers and the show went off without any fails (that anyone could see ;)..) 

So UNTIL NEXT TIME............. Remember 28th of this month Muscle Beach I hope to see you there 

                                    I loved this look, I wanted it lol

                                     Leather Look realy nice
                             She is the one who gave me the Cake sooo sweet

                                Me smiling couldnt keep the model face lol

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